Cenovis Condiment Spread - 200g
Cenovis Condiment Spread – 200g
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Cenovis Condiment Spread – 200g

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Cenovis Condiment Spread

Cenovis Condiment Spread is a delicious plant-based spreadable condiment with a distinctive spicy taste. Perfect for any meal of the day, Cenovis adds a touch of flavor and a unique dining experience.

Its unique formula is based on 100 percent healthy brewer’s yeast and selected botanicals, with no added fats or preservatives. The combination of these high-quality ingredients gives Cenovis a unique and unmistakable taste, making it the first and only vegetarian spreadable condiment with a 100% spicy flavor.

Cenovis Condiment Spread is easy to spread and maintains an ideal consistency at room temperature, without the need to store it in the refrigerator. In addition, because it is plant-based, it is gluten-free.

Add a touch of flavor to your breakfasts, lunches and dinners with Cenovis Condiment Spread. Experience its endless possibilities for use and delight your palate with its unique and authentic flavor.
Due to its many B vitamins and minerals, brewer’s yeast is said to have numerous positive properties. Cenovis is 100% natural and contains no chemical additives.

Brewer’s yeast (contains GLUTEN), water, vegetable extracts (carrots, onions), table salt, vitamin B1.
Information for allergy sufferers: See highlighted ingredients

contains GLUTEN from barley

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ready-made meal

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Weight 400 g