10 x Villars Choholates
10 x Villars Chocolates
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10 x Villars Chocolates

RM 637.00

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10 x Villars Chocolates

The Villars family is a Swiss legacy of master chocolatiers since 1901. We are committed to using only the best ingredients. With our Maîtres Chocolatiers and more than a century of experience, you can be sure that we’ll provide quality chocolate for you and your loved ones.

You didn’t know that Switzerland had its own chocolate brand? Villars is the world’s oldest chocolatier, a Swiss family business since 1901, and they are still as artisanal as ever.

Villars is a family-run Swiss chocolatier, making chocolate the traditional way. We’ve been following the same recipe for more than a hundred years. It’s our Swiss heritage, and it matters to us. We’re proud to bring our products to the world, so everyone can experience the taste of Switzerland every day.

1. Villars Lait suisse noisettes – 300 g

2. Villars swiss milk chocolate – 300 g

3. Villars lait caramel – 150g

4. Villars lait suisse – 100g

5.Villars noir 70% – 100g

6. Villars Blond – 100g

7. Villars lait pralinè Croustillant – 150g

8. Villars noir pralinè à la Fève Tonka – 150g

9. Villars noir nougat – 300g

10. Villars swiss milk chocolate with caramel – 300g



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Weight 2500 g


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