Swiss Chocolate Brands

Swiss chocolate brands

On you can find the best brands of Swiss chocolate, and the best quality with worldwide shipping.

Which are the brands you can find on Swiss Food? Let’s see them now!



Probably Lindt is the most famous brand of Swiss chocolate, in fact it exists since 1845 and its products can be found practically all over the world. Lindt is very good and creamy, and the most famous product is definitely the Lindor with its chocolate balls that melt in your mouth. Although Lindt products can be found pretty much everywhere, you can find special editions on Swiss Food that can’t be found anywhere else but in Switzerland.

Lindt Kirsch
Lindt Kirsch


Another famous brand is Cailler which exists even before Lindt, founded in 1796 it is a historic brand in the Swiss chocolate scene. Cailler is sought after and has an unmistakable taste with its great classics.

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Cailler Milk
Cailler Milk


The most recognized on the swiss chocolate brands in the world thanks to its particular triangular shape reminiscent of the mountains. Toblerone is also the most copied and counterfeited brand, for this reason one of our goals is to maintain Swissness with original products shipped directly from Switzerland. You can find it in different variations and new special flavors like Toblerone Crunchy with crunchy bits of hazelnuts inside, delicious. There is also the black or white variant, definitely worth trying, always handy to have with you even when you go on excursions because it is practical to eat and to carry.

If you haven’t tried it yet, try it now it’s a must!



From its particular and unmistakable taste, created from the classic version of the famous chocolate powder and its orange packaging recognizable everywhere.
Ovaltine is a friend for life. The drink was developed over 110 years ago as a strengthening product and is now part of breakfast in over 100 countries.

Top 10 swiss chocolate brands
Top 10 swiss chocolate brands



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