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Fondue Appenzeller 100% original


100% Swiss Chips
- 24% Zweifel Nature Chips - 280g
Approximately: £7.82
- 24% Zweifel Paprika Chips - 280 g
Approximately: £7.82
- 10% Zweifel Moutarde Chips - 175 g
Approximately: £7.03




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Top 5 Swiss Food Best Seller

Top 5 Swiss Food Best Seller   1. Zweifel Paprika Chips   2. Rösti Finely grated rösti with rapeseed oil, lightly seasoned, in a practical 500 g bag. Ideal for the preparation of portion hash browns.     3. Ovomaltine     4. Ragusa   Ragusa Classique Ragusa Blond Ragusa Noire   5. Fondue Appenzeller … Continue reading Top 5 Swiss Food Best Seller

Swiss Food lovers

Swiss Food lovers   Switzerland is a small paradise of lakes, mountains and good food with genuine ingredients. That’s why everyone that had the opportunity to try Swiss products has surely fallen in love with some taste that will not easily forget. Our intention is to offer again the pleasure of tasting Swiss products even … Continue reading Swiss Food lovers

Top 10 favorite Swiss Food

  Top 10 favorite Swiss Food   There is so much good food in Switzerland! We have made a list with 10 swiss people favorite dishes! 1.Fondue     2. Raclette     3. Swiss nut cake Swiss nut tart, Bündner Nusstorte (or Engadiner Nusstorte) 4. Polenta Is a popular Tessin dish and can be … Continue reading Top 10 favorite Swiss Food