Where to buy Swiss chocolate

Where to buy Swiss chocolate

Where to buy Swiss chocolate Are you on the lookout for authentic Swiss chocolate? You can buy it online from several stores, however, not all of them ship internationally. While supermarkets offer an array of chocolate boxes, the selection is limited and they do not offer luxury options. If you would like to get your […]


Online swiss chocolate

 Online swiss chocolate   Worldwide ship swiss chocolate   Swiss chocolate is known around the world. Sweet delicate taste of fresh milk makes you think of the mountain, fresh air and peace every time. In our online shop you can find the Swiss chocolate you like most. We ship Swiss chocolate all over the world. […]


The best swiss chocolate

The best swiss chocolate Being Swiss somehow seems to make me an expert in matters concerning Chocolate. Friends, colleagues, neighbors who are about to travel to Switzerland never venture there without asking me which Chocolate they should try, buy or bring back. I am usually excited to share my opinion, unless in situations where a […]


Swiss Grocery Store

Swiss Grocery Store Are you looking for an authentic site for Swiss Foods? Or do you just want to try Swiss foods? Whatever the case may be, if you’re interested in an online store for Swiss food, this is the perfect place for you! Welcome to Swiss Food! An online grocery store for shopping Swiss […]

Top 5 Best Swiss Chocolate pralines box - The perfect gift for Christmas

Top 5 Best Swiss Chocolate pralines box – The perfect gift for Christmas

Top 5 Best Swiss Chocolate pralines box – The perfect gift for Christmas    When you don’t know what to give for Christmas, the thing that often comes to mind is a box of chocolate. Even better when it comes to a box of Swiss chocolate, with a refined and unforgettable taste. Surprise the people […]


Where is Swiss chocolate most popular?

Where is Swiss chocolate most popular? Switzerland has a longstanding reputation for making exquisite chocolate, but which countries buy the most from the Swiss? Switzerland exports the most chocolate to Germany The UK was the second-biggest buyer of Swiss chocolate (12.1%), then France (9.4%) and Canada (7.7%).  Outside the EU, Australia, Singapore, the United Arab […]


Top 5 Swiss Food Best Seller

Top 5 Swiss Food Best Seller   1. Zweifel Paprika Chips   2. Rösti Finely grated rösti with rapeseed oil, lightly seasoned, in a practical 500 g bag. Ideal for the preparation of portion hash browns.     3. Ovomaltine     4. Ragusa   Ragusa Classique Ragusa Blond Ragusa Noire   5. Fondue Appenzeller […]

Swiss-Foods Lovers

Swiss Food lovers

Swiss Food lovers   Switzerland is a small paradise of lakes, mountains and good food with genuine ingredients. That’s why everyone that had the opportunity to try Swiss products has surely fallen in love with some taste that will not easily forget. Our intention is to offer again the pleasure of tasting Swiss products even […]

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