Traditional swiss cheese fondue

Traditional swiss cheese fondue

The Magic of Swiss Fondue: The Ultimate Guide for Expatriates and Culinary Enthusiasts


At the heart of Swiss culinary tradition, cheese fondue stands as an iconic dish that unites people, stories, and unique flavors. This guide is dedicated to all Swiss expatriates and lovers of Swiss cuisine eager to recreate the magic of authentic fondue by exploring its origins, the preparation process, and the best cheese mixes available at

History of Swiss Fondue

Cheese fondue has roots that reach back to ancient times, born from the necessity of using stale bread and hardened cheeses during the cold Swiss winters. Over time, this simple dish has transformed into a symbol of conviviality and sharing, celebrated on special occasions and family gatherings. Having become popular well beyond Swiss borders, fondue remains an emblem of hospitality and the rich culinary heritage of Switzerland.

How to Prepare the Perfect Swiss Fondue

Preparing Swiss fondue requires few ingredients but a great deal of attention to detail. Classic cheeses such as Gruyère, Emmental, Vacherin, and Raclette offer a perfect balance between creaminess and flavor. The key is to mix the cheeses with white wine and a touch of garlic, cooking slowly until a smooth and uniform consistency is achieved. Do not forget to serve it with an assortment of bread, vegetables, and cured meats for an unforgettable culinary experience.

The Best Cheese Mixes for Fondue

  • Appenzeller Fondue Mix: This unique mix combines the strength and depth of Appenzeller with other Swiss cheeses, creating a rich and complex taste perfect for traditional fondue.

    Fondue Appenzeller
    Fondue Appenzeller
  • Gerber Classic Ready-to-Eat: For those looking for a practical solution without compromising on flavor, the Gerber Classic offers high-quality fondue ready to use, ideal for spontaneous moments of conviviality.

    Gerber Ready-to-Eat Fondue Mix - 2x 800g
    Gerber Ready-to-Eat Fondue Mix – 2x 800g

Using ready-made cheese mixes ensures a superior quality base and simplified preparation, allowing even novices to enjoy true Swiss fondue.

Why Choose for Your Fondue

At, we commit to offering only the best Swiss products, ensuring authenticity and quality. Our selection of cheeses for fondue, pots suitable for traditional use, and complete sets with fondue forks, makes preparing fondue an easy and enjoyable experience, with direct delivery to your home, wherever you are in the world.


Swiss fondue is more than a dish; it’s a culinary experience that speaks of tradition, sharing, and love for good flavors. At, you will find everything you need to bring this magic into your home, making every special moment an occasion to celebrate the rich culinary culture of Switzerland.

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