Engadine nut cake - 500g
Engadine nut cake – 500g
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Engadine nut cake – 500g

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Traditional Swiss Engadine Nut Cake (Nusstorte) – 500g

Immerse yourself in the authentic and robust flavors of the Swiss Alps with our Traditional Engadine Nut Cake, affectionately known as “Nusstorte.” This 500g culinary delight, originating from the picturesque valleys of Engadine in Graubünden, stands as a tribute to Switzerland’s rich baking heritage, blending rustic allure with deep, nutty undertones.

Historical Richness, Exquisite Taste: Our Engadine-style Nut Cake boasts a soft, buttery shortbread crust that lovingly encases a dense, nutty heart. The core of the cake is a meticulously crafted mix of finely ground hazelnuts or almonds, blended with sugar, cream, and a dash of traditional spices like cinnamon and vanilla. This blend bestows the cake with its signature rich, nutty flavor and a delightfully crisp texture.

Select Ingredients, Genuine Aroma: Each cake is an embodiment of quality, made with select ingredients including wheat, fresh cream, choice nuts, vegetable margarine, pure butter, and whole eggs. Topped with a caramelized sugar glaze and a dusting of chopped nuts, it offers layers of flavor and a delightful crunch.

Adaptable Indulgence: Ideal with a cup of coffee or tea, the Engadine Nut Cake is a versatile choice for various settings. Whether relished as a midday indulgence or as an elegant dessert, its singular flavor and texture appeal to a wide audience. We also present variations incorporating chocolate or dried fruits for a twist on the classic.

Ingredients: Wheat, sugar, cream, nuts, vegetable margarine (palm oil, rapeseed oil, water, emulsifier: E 471), butter, whole egg (ground-based), protein wheat, dried glucose syrup, iodized cooking salt, raising powder: E 503, lemon juice, barley malt flour, thickener: E 407.


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2 reviews for Engadine nut cake – 500g

  1. L. Irene

    Excellent cake.

  2. Swiss expat in the USA

    Fantastic nusstorte. Moist, rich and buttery. Highly recommend.

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