Ovomaltine Branches Noir 5x22g
Ovomaltine Branches Noir 5x22g
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Ovomaltine Branches Noir 5x22g

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Ovomaltine Branches Noir 5x22g

Discover the irresistible taste of Ovomaltine Branches Noir 5x22g, a delightful dark chocolate variation of the renowned Swiss snack. Composed of premium Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and entirely palm oil-free, these scrumptious crunchy sticks are perfect for appeasing your sweet tooth, boosting your spirits, or simply savoring a well-deserved break.

Savor the enchanting fusion of crispy Ovomaltine and velvety dark chocolate with the Ovomaltine Branches Noir. Skillfully crafted in Switzerland, each package contains five 22-gram sticks, presenting a heavenly balance of bitter-sweet chocolate and the distinctive taste and crunch of Ovo. Relish an Ovo Branchli Noir as a delectable snack, coupled with a sandwich for a satisfying breakfast or an invigorating afternoon treat, or to reward yourself with a moment of sheer indulgence.

The Ovomaltine Branches Noir showcases the ever-expanding selection of Ovomaltine dark chocolate treats. Produced using the highest-quality Rainforest Alliance certified cocoa and devoid of palm oil, you can indulge with a clear conscience, knowing that each mouthful supports eco-friendly cocoa farming practices. Experience the finest Swiss chocolate artistry and tantalize your taste buds with the Ovomaltine Branches Noir, a truly unique and delicious addition to your snack collection.


Contains: Cereals containing gluten, Barley, Soy, Milk, Lactose, Walnuts, hazelnuts
May contain: almonds

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