Top 10 swiss chocolate brands

Top 10 swiss chocolate brands

Top 10 swiss chocolate brands


A Chocolate Makers Background

Rodolphe Lindt (née Rudolf Lindt, July 16, 1855 – February 20, 1909) was a Swiss chocolate maker and successful inventor and innovator.
Lindt was born in Berne, Switzerland, to pharmacist/politician Johann Rudolf Lindt and Armalia Eugenia Salchli. From 1873 to 1875 he completed his apprenticeship in Lausanne with the Amédée Kohler & fils chocolate company. In 1879, he founded his own chocolate factory in the Mattequartier on the Aare in Berne.

Only Fine Ingredients are a Match for Lindt Chocolates

The work of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers starts with the selection of fine raw materials and high quality ingredients. Top quality is particularly important in the meticulous selection of our raw materials. We monitor the quality of our ingredients not only in our factories but also on different steps in our supply chain, starting in the countries of origin.

Lindt & Sprüngli sources its premium cocoa beans from the world’s most exclusive regions of origin, Ghana, Ecuador, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea and the Dominican Republic. This not only applies to the main ingredient, cocoa beans, but to all other materials such as hazelnuts, almonds, and vanilla. We monitor the quality in our own laboratory before the goods enter our factory to make sure they meet our high quality standards. All ingredients are subject to rigorous standards regarding their origin and quality. Only the best ingredients are good enough for our premium Lindt chocolate products.

Lindt SQUARES Pralinés Assorted 2 250g
Lindt SQUARES Pralinés Assorted 2 250g

2. Cailler

Cailler celebrates 200 years of sharing our passion for chocolate excellence. To this day, Maison Cailler continues to produce the finest chocolate creations, with fresh milk from local dairies, sustainable cocoa, finest ingredients and in-depth knowledge of the art of chocolate-making.

At Maison Cailler, our chocolate factory in Broc, we combine our pride for tradition with our thirst for innovation. It’s here that our chocolate goes through all the stages of production, from cocoa bean to finished chocolate creation.

Every piece of Cailler chocolate produced in Broc is made using carefully-selected, high-quality ingredients. We only use Swiss sugar and fresh Alpine milk from the Broc region.

Cailler is one of the few chocolate makers in the world that uses lightly-condensed milk instead of milk powder. This milk is then added to the cocoa mass using our special procedure. It’s this method that gives Cailler chocolate products their unmistakably delicious taste and unique texture.

Our creations are then packaged in-house at Maison Cailler, with over 300,000 chocolate temptations leaving our factory each day.

Cailler Branches - 5x23g
Cailler Branches – 5x23g


3. Toblerone

Toblerone is one of the most famous Swiss chocolates in the world. Theodor Tobler could hardly have dreamed of this when he invented the Toblerone in 1908 with his cousin Emil Baumann.

When we talk about “global brands” today, Toblerone is without a doubt one of them. Few chocolates have become synonymous with “Swiss quality chocolate”. Whether in Tokyo, Rio, New York, London or Berlin, lovers of this Swiss specialty can enjoy it in consistently high quality all over the world, with the certainty that it is a real piece of traditional Swiss chocolate.

Top 10 swiss chocolate brands
Top 10 swiss chocolate brands

4. Villars

The finest Swiss milk

Situated in an exceptional dairy farming region, Villars benefits from milk of unrivalled quality. The rich pastures in the Fribourg region lend this white gold the remarkable smoothness and sought-after taste that characterize our chocolates.

Selected cocoa beans

At the Villars factory in Fribourg, each batch of cocoa beans is meticulously roasted to extract the distinctive aromas. Once roasted, the beans are carefully refined and the paste slowly conched to obtain chocolate with a rich flavour and delicate finish.

Top 10 swiss chocolate brands
Top 10 swiss chocolate brands

5. Frey


The foundation stone for the success story of Chocolat Frey was laid in 1887 by the brothers Robert and Max Frey. Their passion has lived on in each of our products for around 130 years. What began with bars of chocolate and chocolate powder is now revealed in a wide variety of creations of the highest sophistication. As the number 1 in Swiss retail, we know our way around taste: it is valuable tradition and unbridled passion that make it so unique. Always – and again and again.

Top 10 swiss chocolate brands
Top 10 swiss chocolate brands

6. Ovomaltine

Ovomaltine is a friend for life. The drink was developed over 110 years ago as a strengthening product and is now part of breakfast in over 100 countries like sandwiches and coffee.

From the magic formula of the pharmacist Dr. Albert Wander has long since become a wide range of top quality products. What remains is the love for Ovo, which is passed on from generation to generation.


Top 10 swiss chocolate brands
Top 10 swiss chocolate brands

7. Camille Bloch


Our Ragusa and Torino specialties have been enjoyed by generations of Swiss chocolate connoisseurs. And our product innovation continues with a level of passion and conviction that has been the hallmark of a history that dates back over 80 years.
We are inventive, and our creative spirit often produces surprising results

Ragusa has retained its unique qualities—the perfect praline, crunchy hazelnuts and a distinctive character—but has also evolved in its own special way. A typically Swiss chocolate with a kooky edge. Ragusa is a real Swiss character!

Enjoy a magical experience at the CHEZ Camille Bloch Visitor Center, located at our factory in Courtelary, in the Bernese Jura region of Switzerland. Visit the Discovery World, Workshop, Shop, Games Area and Bistrot for a truly unique day out.

Discover the world of Torino, a chocolate that is guaranteed to add a delicious dose of Dolce Vita to your day. This tasty treat has the power to transform your snack break into a moment of tender bliss

camille bloch-switzerland
camille bloch-switzerland

8. Läderach

“We are there to create sweet moments of enjoyment in everyday life.”

All of our ingredients are selected with care. Only the best are good enough for us. Freshness doesn’t just mean the finest taste. Freshness is our mindset.

The fresh taste of our chocolate is rooted in the rainforest and the Swiss Alps. We accompany our chocolate every step of the way: from the cocoa farm to you, our customer. And we know all of our partners personally.

All of this makes our chocolate so fresh.


9. Minor

Passion Chocolat Suisse 1852

What began with the chocolate pioneer Aquilino Maestrani is now a traditional family business with a modern chocolate factory.


10. Favarger


Once upon a time, a watchmaker fell in love with the daughter of a chocolate maker from Geneva. By marrying her, he embraced the chocolate making tradition and learned the secrets of the chocolatier trade alongside his father-in-law.

This love for Swiss-made chocolate was passed down through seven generations of the Favarger family, raising individuals driven by high standards, with a strong sense of loyalty and appreciation for tradition. Many places, pictures, photographs, and old books throughout the years recount the rich history of this family of Genevan entrepreneurs who have lived the art of chocolate making for generations.

Today, Favarger remains a family-run business. Day after day, the same values and ethos motivate individuals to find inspiration in the treasures of Favarger’s rich tradition and continue to make the best Swiss chocolate.


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